We have launched a combined competition/Incentive to help you take your Aim Business to the next level!


Our completely FREE, “100 days to Health” email program is the tool you need to use to help others get healthy and stay healthy.

The “100 days to Health” Program consists of;

  1. 100 emails delivered on a daily basis to your inbox
  2. The 3 Aim products (Aimega, BarleyLife and HerbalFiberblend) in capsule form that will help people who are overweight, diabetic, who have cancer or heart disease, colds, flu, immune issues (including auto-immune issues), arthritis, gout, digestive issues, sick kids, tiredness, lack of energy, sleep problems, and just about any other condition as it helps your body repair itself!
  3. Perfect Health – The Natural Way book as this is the backbone of the program and Mary-Ann refers to sections of this book as she works through the 100 Days.

As people receive, read and respond to each daily emails, they become healthier and have more energy, and because we recommend certain products, you can help them get those products at the wholesale price!


To do this you need to sign each person (your friends, family and aquaintances) up in 4 places.. (We are trying to make this as easy as possible for you.. )

  1. Sign up for the 100 Days to Health (Capture your firstname, lastname and your email address)

  2. Aim Company – This is so they can get their Aim products at the wholesale price AND get commission on the people under them (18% and 6 levels down) Fill in the form on the right hand side.

  3. Sign an AMR with Aim – This is so they can qualify for the Competition.. all will be revealed..


To help you help others and to help them help others, Mark & I are prepared to give away.. yes give away.. 

  • 1 copy of Perfect Health and
  • 1 one of each of our 3 Salts used in the 100 days to health and all our recipes – for FREE. (only available in South Africa)
  • Value: R300 (including shipping)

We will ship this order to your customer once Aim confirms that the signed AMR is in place for a minimum of 3 months and they order either a Starter Pack 2 or the equivalent value in points (at least 80 points per month)
(Fine print: The member must be in our (Mark & Mary-Ann’s) downline to receive the free book and 3 salts and the offer is available to all members up to 6 levels down from us and only in South Africa. If the AMR is cancelled before the 3 months are up, the book and salts will need to be paid in full at the retail price by the member.
The customer will still be entitled to the 9% back if they spent over R500 in a month on the Mary-Ann’s website and are signed up as a NWN Loyalty rewards member and they will still be Aim Members and entitled to their discount. This offer is not available outside of SA because Aim members in the other countries receive a generous discount for signing an AMR)


To help you even further – The Aim Company is offering cash prizes from R9500 – R45 000 for the top 10 people who sign up the most members, who order for 80 points or more for the months of February, March, April and May 2017.

You need to sign up at least 5 people who each sign an AMR or 15 people who order for 1 month only to qualify – then the people with the top 10 sign ups will win the cash prizes.
Here’s Aim’s video explanation of the competition..

We recommend that you aim for 100 people during this time and that you use the FREE 100 days to Health program – plus the FREE copy of Perfect Health and the 3 salts to motivate people to sign up.


To achieve these goals, we recommend that you aim to sign up 1-a-day for at least for a month 1, 2, 3 & 4  resulting in a minimum of 100 people – even at 50 people you are likely to win a cash prize.
BUT..  if for any reason you don’t win the cash prizes, you will earn a healthy income, so you cannot lose! If you sign up one person per day..

  1. In the first month, including your fast start bonuses your cheque will exceed R3500
  2. In month 2 your cheque will exceed R10 000 including your fast start bonuses
  3. In month 3 your cheque will exceed R15 000 including your director bonuses
  4. In month 4 your cheque (if you sign up only 10 more) will be close to R20 000 month.

If you train your members to do what you did and benefit from the FREE 100 days and the FREE book and salts, your cheque will jump to over..

  1. R40 000 a month, if only 30 do what you did
  2. R80 000 a month, of 60 do what you did and
  3. R125 000 a month if 90 do what you did

If the 2nd level of people do what you did your monthly income will push you into a super-productive level and you will be able to help even more people become financially and healthfully independent!


We recommend that you promote the 100 days on social media;

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram etc, to your friends, family, to people who complain about medical costs, lack of income, are in pain and suffering physically from any ailment.
  • Tell your story and how the 100 days principles helped turn your health around and how the 3 Aim products have benefited you.
  • If you don’t have a story – challenge your friends to join you on the 100 days program and start a What’s App group to encourage each other.
  • Contact Aim and see if there are any people on your expired Members” List. You can re-connect with them and re-sign them up.

While you help them all get healthy, your finances will improve dramatically as they join Aim and The Natural Way Loyalty program – which will allow you to help even more people 😊


  • Get yourself organised..
    • Make sure you understand what needs to be done and how.
  • Make a list of people you think may or may not be interested.
    • Make sure YOU are signed up for the 4 pillars of this opportunity.
      • 100 Days
      • Natural Way Network
      • Aim Member
      • AMR

Then tell others to do the same and teach them to do what you did. 
Using the Natural Way Network (NWN) structure and system you can not only help people become financially independent, but become strong and healthy too. You will then be helping people to provide for themselves and not be dependent on others for survival, but you will also be helping them to no longer be as dependent on the medical system as most are, while saving them infinite financial resources in the future... 

Now that is something worth working at!





















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